Keeping Nova Scotians Happy in Their Homes

Keeping Nova Scotians Happy in Their Homes

As Liberals, we know how important it is for Nova Scotians to feel safe and comfortable in their homes. That’s why we introduced the HomeWarming program.

The HomeWarming program helps qualifying homeowners make their homes more energy efficient. It leaves homeowners with a home that’s more comfortable, and less expensive to heat.

These energy efficiency upgrades put money back in the pockets of the families that need it the most – and they help us all by reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and creating jobs, especially in rural areas of the province.

Part of Our Commitment to Help Our Most Vulnerable

Your Liberal government remains committed to helping Nova Scotians who need it most.

That’s why we’re proud to announce we are investing an additional $7.5 million into home efficiency programs. With this investment, it’s estimated we can improve an additional 800 homes over the next two years.

We’re also going to create new programs for First Nations communities, as well as affordable rental units and non-profit housing.

Every Nova Scotian should have the chance to save money on their heating bills and be part of our greener, more efficient energy future. People who qualify for the HomeWarming program can save hundreds, even close to $1,000, a year.

This program is another great example of how your Liberal government is committed to working together to make Nova Scotia stronger.

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