Expanding Nova Scotia Trade Opportunities – Good for Jobs, Good for the Economy

Expanding Nova Scotia Trade Opportunities – Good for Jobs, Good for the Economy

A new Liberal government will invest more than $5.3 million dollars to support export programs, putting more people to work, and creating more opportunities for Nova Scotians.

“As exports grow, job opportunities grow,” says Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil. “We know there is growing demand for Nova Scotia’s world-class products – and we will be there as a partner to help grow our international opportunities.”

Since 2013 Nova Scotia has seen exports grow by 23 per cent. We will build on that with a four year plan that includes doubling the Export Growth Program and creating the Export Accelerator Program.

The Export Growth Program has been highly successful, supporting 194 businesses last year. With a $3.55 million investment over the next four years we expect to double the number of applications received, which means even more companies will benefit.

“By strengthening the Export Growth Program, we will have the capacity to support more than 300 businesses – which, in turn, supports hundreds of working Nova Scotians across our province,” McNeil said.

The program supports 50 per cent of eligible costs for business prospecting, trade show marketing and other important elements of growing exports.

A new Liberal government will also create the Export Accelerator Program with an investment of $1.76 million over four years. This NSBI program helps to grow exports in key markets, like seafood.

“We have had tremendous success in the seafood sector – and its contribution to our economy and jobs is growing very rapidly,” McNeil said. “With new opportunities for exports emerging rapidly in Europe and Asia, it is very important for government to be there as a partner – and help the sector grow.”

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